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New Door Title, LLC provides full service title and closing solutions to real estate builders and developers. We have represented major builders and real estate developers in South Florida including TOUSA, Technical Olympic USA, Shelby Homes, Dr Horton, and Morison. The professionals at New Door Title, LLC make sure that every real estate closing, from land acquisition to the closing of each home goes smoothly and successfully.

We have become the leading title and escrow company for South Florida builders and developers. We successfully handle all of the important real estate closing details so you can have peace of mind.

Because we work with developers from the acquisition of land to the sale of individual homes, we understand the entire process and can respond quickly to the special needs of the developer as they arise. Our expertise in the acquisition and development of land puts us in a unique position to offer the kind of services that builders require in a dynamic real estate market. This is why as the South Florida real estate market continues to expand, builders and developers have come to rely on New Door Title, LLC's experience in all aspects of the real estate industry, making us an important player on the road to home ownership for South Florida residents.

Our goal is to become a key resource for the developer, helping move the project from the drawing board to completion and sale of individual units. We set up interest bearing accounts and provide our developers with regular statements on these accounts. And, through our companion law firm, Polin Law Group, we provide prompt legal expertise when needed.

In addition, New Door Title, LLC will conduct each residential closing in a timely and professional manner, giving you, the builder, complete confidence and peace of mind. We realize that closing is most often the final step on the road to home ownership, consummating long-standing relationships between developers and new homeowners. Developers work hard to forge these relationships with their clientele and build a reputation among the community. It is with this understanding that we work particularly hard to ensure that the closing experience for new homeowners is as easy and pleasant as possible. In this spirit, we keep our clients updated and constantly informed of the progress of their closing.

Ultimately, developers keep coming back to us because we build on existing relationships and help homeowners move into their new homes feeling a sense of accomplishment and community rather than a sense of distrust. At New Door Title, LLC, we appreciate that each new development is special and exciting. We approach every project with enthusiasm and enjoy working with developers, seeing their vision take shape and become reality.

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