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First Time and Experienced Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

The amount of paperwork involved in modern real estate transaction can be daunting and clouded with plenty of red tape. That's why it's no surprise that many homeowners sometimes feel confused and frustrated with the process of buying a new home.

The novice only becomes an expert through experience, and that takes time. But, with New Door Title, LLC even the novice home owner can rest easily knowing that they are putting 30 years of expert Real Estate expertise behind the purchase of their new home.

Our in-house team of professionals will hold your hand and guide you through the process, keeping you informed every step of the way from the opening of your file, to the issuance of your title insurance policy commitment and closing. In addition, New Door Title, LLC has built a solid, reputable relationship with a large network of lenders and mortgage brokers in the area. We have closed deals for every leading lending institution in the state, which keeps us up to date on the latest developments across the mortgage/lending industry. Our expertise in the lending field means that we can educate our clients on their best options and work efficiently with the lender or broker, making sure that mortgage documents are ready and accurate prior to closing.

Moreover, our professional closers take pride in providing thorough real estate closings that will help you muddle through all the paperwork, understand what you're signing, and better prepare you for your next real estate deal. Undoubtedly, the real estate market is a fast-paced transactional world, but we go the extra-mile to ensure that all of our clients, especially new homeowners, understand the closing process without feeling rushed. Our attention to detail and our desire to educate and inform customers translates into peace of mind for you as a new homeowner.

At New Door Title, LLC we believe that a better educated consumer is a stronger consumer. We rely on our professionalism and expertise not only to deliver a successful closing but to educate our clients and the public about title insurance and the escrow business.

Experienced Home Buyers

Experienced homeowners know exactly how important a reliable, professional title company can be in a real estate transaction.

Unfortunately, most homeowners learn this the hard way after things did not go as smoothly as planned during a prior closing. Mistakes in this field are costly, especially when you consider that a home is probably the single largest investment for most people in their life. We take our responsibilities seriously at New Door Title, LLC which is why experienced homeowners keep coming back to us for all of their title insurance and escrow needs.

From the minute a file is opened, your real estate transaction is in good hands. At New Door Title, LLC we have all angles covered. From a cost effective standpoint, our team of specialists will provide you with the highest level of quality for the lowest price. Our closing fees are highly competitive and our title insurance rates are the lowest possible allowed by the state.

To guarantee your protection, we order surveys on the purchase of every home to ensure that there are no unusual easements or encroachments on the property. We also run detailed title searches on every buy/sell transaction to ensure that the property is clear from any outstanding liens, or encumbrances. And since we are attorney-owned and operated, an attorney is always around to check the title searches and lend a hand when potential title defects arise.

Moreover, for home buyers who have not chosen a lender, New Door Title, LLC has the finance side covered. We will use our expertise in the lending field to guide you to the appropriate lender, saving you money on loan points and interest. And we will work closely with your lender, ensuring that loan documents are accurate and ready prior to closing. Furthermore, we are a "one-stop" shopping venue for property hazard insurance and flood insurance since we're affiliated with one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the tri-county area.

New Door Title, LLC will also work side by side with your realtors, if any, to make sure that all contractual contingencies have been taken care of prior to closing and that all deposits are being held in escrow by a neutral, third party. Clearly, realtors play an important role in the communication process, relaying information from the lenders, brokers, and title agents to the buyers and sellers. And our close business relationship with most of the major realty brokerage firms assures that our clients are always kept informed and updated on the progress of their closing.

Naturally, New Door Title, LLC will also handle all title document preparation in a prompt and efficient manner. All of our title documents are created using state of the art computer software for greater reliability, efficiency, and data storage. Therefore, you can depend on New Door Title, LLC to have accurate title documents ready prior to closing.

Ultimately, the professionals at New Door Title, LLC work hard to ensure a seamless closing experience. Simply put, our philosophy is to provide a pleasant closing experience for all of our clients. And by multi-tasking our extensive resources, we can effectively handle every aspect of your real estate sale or purchase.

If you would like more information about how New Door Title, LLC can help with the sale or purchase of your home, you can contact one of our friendly title professionals by clicking here.

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