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New Door Title, LLC has provided title insurance and closing services to most of the top lending institutions in the state, including Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, TD Bank, Sun Trust, and BBBI, among many others.

These lenders have come to rely on the prompt and professional services of New Door Title, LLC because they know that they can expect their deals to close easily and without problems.

We have extensive in-house technology, allowing us to take full advantage of the world- wide-web and the internet to provide state of the art services to our lenders. For example, our e-mail and internet server capability allows lenders to upload their mortgage documents to us directly, avoiding the use of slower, conventional mail carriers. And, through our continued relationship with Bank of America, we have the latest in wired funds transfers and escrow technology, including real-time updates of our escrowed funds. This means we can fund transactions more efficiently since our bank informs us almost immediately after a lender's funds have hit our escrow account. Needless to say, we also maintain detailed records of our escrowed funds, for greater accountability and control.

Moreover, we have closed nearly every type of loan, from conventional home mortgages to federal FHA or VA loans, as well as construction loans and SBA loans. This translates into peace of mind for our lenders since we have the experience and expertise necessary to accurately explain and execute nearly every type of loan package. And, since we are attorney owned and operated, an attorney is always around to lend a helping hand, answer questions, or provide legal advice when necessary.

Having the latest technology in-house is advantageous, but it's not the only reason that lenders rely on New Door Title, LLC to provide their closing and title services. From the minute that a new file is opened at New Door Title, LLC until the time that it is closed, we are in constant contact with all pertinent parties including buyers, sellers, realtors, and brokers. This allows us to keep the lender informed from beginning to end so that HUD approvals and items on the loan closing instructions can be taken care of in advance.

Over the last decade, New Door Title, LLC has closed in excess of 1 Billion dollars of real estate transactions, giving us the experience and the reputation necessary to get the job done in a prompt fashion. Because we understand that the lending/mortgage business is an indispensable player on the road to home ownership, we try to accommodate the dynamic needs of our lenders. Our approach is simple, yet effective. We enhance our lender's productivity as well as our own by blending old fashioned, professional service with the latest technology.

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