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Over the last years, a growing number of South Florida residents have relied on New Door Title, LLC as a key resource for refinancing information. Because we do not represent any particular financial institution, we are in a unique position to guide the buyer in finding the most competitive rates and lowest costs available in the market place.

To provide expert and unbiased advice to the client, we work closely with the real estate attorneys at our companion company, Polin Law Group. They are knowledgeable and experienced not only in real estate finance, but in all aspects of the real estate transaction. Attorneys do not benefit financially from providing a mortgage because they are not compensated by commissions from lenders. This is why New Door Title, LLC is so well placed to give informed guidance to our many clients who chose to refinance their homes.

With interest rates at an all time low, this is a particularly opportune time to refinance. And the benefits of refinancing your home can be significant. By locking into a lower interest rate, you can decrease your monthly mortgage payments considerably. You can also tap into the equity you've built into your home and receive some extra cash to pay off credit cards and other high interest debts.

Since we have closed deals for the most respected lending institutions in Florida, having established an impeccable record of service and a solid business relationship, our refinancing clients can expect more than just lower mortgage payments. The friendly professionals at New Door Title, LLC will work in unison with your lender to finalize all of the important details of your refinance. We will issue your new title policy, obtain the title abstract and clear any issues with your title, obtain payoffs from your current lender, and coordinate closing with your new lender. In addition, we will follow your lender's instructions at closing, explain the documents to you and verify that they are properly executed. All this, boils down to peace of mind as the professional staff at New Door Title, LLC covers every possible aspect of your refinance.

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