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Short Sales

A Short Sale occurs when a borrower sells their property for a sales price less than the amount owed to their lender. The lender must agree to the short sale before it can be approved. It can be extremely difficult to get a short sale approved. That's why you need to hire an experienced short sale agency that knows how to expedite the short sale process.

New Door Title, LLC has the experience and knowledge to get your short sale approved quickly. We have succeeded in getting over a dozen short sales approved in the last 90 days and have over 30 years experience dealing with banks and lending companies. Our goal is to get your short sale approved quickly so you can avoid foreclosure (which will affect your credit more than a short sale). When your short sale is approved, your home is sold, the mortgage is paid off and you avoid a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.

What are the Benefits of a Short Sale?

1. A Short Sale can help you save your credit
2. It can help you stop a foreclosure and avoid an embarrassing situation
3. It can reduce the stress of finding funds to pay your mortgage payments
4. It is the faster solution to the mortgage foreclosure process

If you are interested in learning more about short sales and whether it's right for you, contact our office today. You need the experience of a real estate lawyer that specializes in short sales. We will negotiate with the lender for you, work out any liens you might have, set up your short sale deal, and take care of any possible problems.

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